August 17, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Dragon Fall 2018 (Oct 19th-21st)

There is a fairly new convention in the Chicagoland area called Dragon Fall   Dragon Fall 2018 will be taking place the weekend of October 19th-21st 2018 at the Waterford Banquet and Conference Center in Elmhurst IL.  Dragon Fall is going into their 4th year and they claim to be “Midwest’s Premier Tabletop Gaming Event”, I guess with AdeptiCon now claiming to be the “World’s Premier Wargaming Convention” is was ok for Dragon Fall to claim the Midwest.

I have yet to attend a Dragon Fall convention, in it’s first year 2015, I was still living in Arizona.  Then in 2016 I had to go back down to Arizona to visit my son since it is his birthday weekend.  Last year in 2017, my wife flew down to Arizona for the same birthday visit (and I was home with the puppy) and now in 2018, I may actually attend for one day.

Dragon Fall offers a full weekend of gaming, but I had noticed in the events listings that there was no Warmachine/Hordes events.  I am actually ok with that for this year.  With attending NOVA Open in 2 weeks, then Warmachine Weekend in November, an event in between those that I will not be playing Warmachine/Hordes may be a good thing.

So what am I to do if I attend Dragon Fall? I no longer play Warhammer 40K, nor Age of Sigmar, there is a Bolt Action event (which I have not played since AdeptiCon 2017), and then I came across Arena Rex.  Perfect timing I might say.  With myself just getting into Arena Rex, a one day event sounds like it may be a good time.  There are no details listed yet for the event, but I am assuming that 6 Stages will be needed for each Cohort (most models count as 1 Stage, mounted models are usually 2 Stages).  When I get back from the NOVA Open, it would give me about 6 weeks to finish models and get in a lot of practice games...this may be doable.

I have not registered yet for the event (seeing how it will cost me $35), but I am seriously considering it.  More than likely I will come to a final decision while I am away at NOVA Open.


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