August 21, 2018

Arena Rex: Fire Terrain

Doubling up today on my Arena Rex terrain posts.  Earlier today I posted about the Columns I finished for the arena, now I also have some Fire Hazards to post.

Fire considered a Wounding Hazard: The first time during each attack a model is pushed into base contact with a wounding hazard, it suffers 3 damage.  This damages ignores ARM.  A Wounding Hazard is considered a hazard.

I thought about just using some Fire rings (which I still may in the future), but I had these Litko fire tokens just sitting in my drawer (from years ago when I used I used them for Lord of the Rings) so I thought I would take them and glue them up on a 40mm base.

Litko tokens

40mm bases are painted with base color

Next they are drybrushed with two colors of sand

A little red to make them look “red hot”

Tokens are glued to bases

Quick and simple and it add a some Fire Hazards to the arena.

Painting Points: 4


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