August 18, 2018

Arena Rex: Ludus Magnus ‘Infelix’

This post will be wrapping up the final model in my Ludus Magnus Starter Set for Arena Rex, and that is ‘Infelix’.  It seems like Ludus Magnus is all about gaining and using Favors and that is no different with ‘Infelix’.  ‘Infelix’ has an ability called Countervail that instead of gaining a Fatigue to make a Counterattack Reaction, he can spend 1 Favor instead.  Through his Vitality Track he can gain 3 Favors before his death, so I can he see him using Countervail a few times throughout the game.



Before I continue on with any more Ludus Magnus models, I will be tackling the Starter Set for my son’s Legio XIII.  Once those are done, I will have to take a look at my remaining models and configure my queue for them.

Painting Points: 1


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