August 1, 2018

Battle Report: WM/H 7/30/2018 Khador vs Cygnar (15 Points)

Even though the game technically was played Monday night at the end of July, this is my first post for August.  I have been meaning to try out my new Warcaster ‘Karchev’ for my Khador army, and on Monday night I finally got the chance to.

I am still finalizing my list for the NOVA Open ‘Speedmachine’ event, and I have narrowed it down between ‘Butcher 1’ and ‘Karchev’.  With only 3:00 minutes per Turn, you have to play fast and I was looking for a Warcaster who can Assassinate and also survive.  So I narrowed it down to 2.  I have never played ‘Karchev’ before, so I had to see what he could do and if he can survive.  All in all, I was pretty happy with him, one drawback is his speed (being a man in a machine) he has a base speed of 4, but he can spend 1 Focus each turn to can +2” so that helps.  I still have to learn his spells a bit better and especially remember to use them.  Like I stated, 3:00 minutes is not a lot of time so you tend to forget to do a few things, and one of them was moving my Warjacks up 3” after my ‘Widowmakers’ killed a model.  I also decided to try out ‘Spriggan’ in this game, and it has been a long time since I played him, I think in this quick game he did not work out for me, the shooting really slows down the game, I need Warjacks who can get right in and do some smashing, so I think I will swap him out for 2 lesser point Warjacks.  I ended up winning the game, barely at the end of Turn 4.  ‘Stryker 2’ went in for the Assassination on ‘Karchev’ and fell short, thankfully ‘Karchev’ was camping 2 Focus and he has UNYIELDING granting him +2 ARM against melee damage.  He survived the attacks from ‘Stryker 2’ and the Turn was then over.  I gained 2 more Control Points winning me the game 6-1.  We played out top of Turn 5 and ‘Karchev’ would have then Assassinated ‘Stryker 2’.


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