August 22, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Litko Movement Template and Fatigue Tokens for Arena Rex

I have been using Litko for nearly 15 years now when it comes to having custom tokens made.  Way back in the day I had used to them to make some LotR tokens, and then also some fire tokens (which I re-purposed in yesterday’s post).  So when I recently got into the Arena Rex game, I was looking for movement gauges and Fatigue tokens.  Each model comes with a resin Fatigue marker, but I was worried I may lose them and wanted some in a little bit more bulk.

I came across a few sites that make movement gauges from laser MDF, but I was not looking for wood, I prefer acrylic for my gauges/tokens.  I then headed over to Litko to see if they made anything specific for Arena Rex.  I did not find anything specific for the game, but came across a movement gauge for AoS that can be customized.  The gauge came with 6”, 3”, 1” and 1/2” sides, I thought that would be perfect.  Since these were customized, I was able to upload a logo for Arena Rex and include some custom text, I decided to make the custom text match the Ludus’.

Next I looked for something that can be used as Fatigue tokens, there were a lot of options available that could be used, but I wanted something simple.  I took a look at their custom tokens and decided that I would just use a circle token with the letter “X”.  In Arena Rex, one side of the token is usually blank and marks you as Fatigue 1, the other side is Fatigue 2 or Exhausted, I thought just a “X” would be perfect for Exhausted.  Nice and simple.

Today my gauges and tokens arrived, and I am very happy with how they turned out.

Ludus Magnus

Legio XIII


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