August 15, 2018

BMG: 4Ground "South Point Tenement 1" Terrain

Besides Shipping Container (B)  I also picked up 3 buildings for the Batman Miniature Game at GenCon by 4Ground.  Once I completed the Shipping Container, it was time to move onto one of the buildings.  Seeing how the Shipping Container took me an hour to build just for a rectangle box, I had a feeling this one was going to take me a bit longer.

Sure enough it did, I would say maybe around 4 hours to complete the building.  I ended up dividing it over 2 days just to let some of the glue to dry before continuing.  I am actually amazed with all the pieces that it had, it went together pretty well.  The clear plastic windows you need to watch out for when using super glue, and the one above the front door got a bit too much glue.  In the future I may just paint over that window if it bothers me.

The first building I decided to start on was: South Point Tenement 1

First Floor

Second Floor


Completed Building

Painting Points: 10*
* assembly time


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