August 27, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #34 (NOVA Open Week)

Well I finally made it to the week of the NOVA Open.  The NOVA Open starts in just under 3 days, and we will actually be leaving this coming Wednesday night.  All my Warmachine Khador lists have been uploaded to Conflict Chamber (just waiting on some more in to come in so I can finish printing them), my Arena Rex models/terrain is all packed and ready to go for some friendly games (although there are no official Arena Rex events at NOVA Open, we are hoping there will be some space available for a few games), and my shopping list is ready for the event.  That list is not too long or expensive, just depends if we decide to pick up the new Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual, or wait until we get back home and pick it up at my son's store.

Unfortunately this past week I did not get in any practice games of Warmachine/Hordes, I only have one more night available and that would be tonight, we'll see how that goes.  Last Friday night my son and I did get in a game of Arena Rex, although it was short on my end, it was still good.

I ended up finishing the Starter Set for the Legio XIII models and I continued on a bunch of terrain for the game, so I am very happy with that progress.  Once we get back from NOVA Open, I need to decide which models will hit my queue next in case I need to get ready to attend the tournament at Dragon Fall.

That is it for now, I do still plan on blogging the rest of the week, and stay tuned for pictures from the NOVA Open.

Games Played: 1
Models Completed: 3
Terrain Completed: 7


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