August 9, 2018

Battle Report: Arena Rex 8/8/2018 Ludus Magnus vs Legio XIII

Last night my son and I got to play Arena Rex for the first time and we were going to take our time and learn the rules and the game mechanics.  The other day I had assembled the two Starter Sets that I had picked up at GenCon, and now we were ready for battle.

I was playing the Ludus Magnus Starter Set with ‘Marcus Furius’, ‘Micon’, and ‘Infelix and my son was playing Legio XIII with ‘Aquila’, Gaius Pallidus’ and ‘Ban-Luca’.

Our Arena was bare with terrain, the only piece of terrain we were using was one Lethal Hazard, a Pit.  As I mentioned above, for this game we just wanted to go through the rules and mechanics of the game.

Scenario: Munus
A classic match evolved from funeral traditions, the Munus is a standard combat between equally matched cohorts.

Deployment: Cohorts deploy in base contact with their controlling player’s arena edge.

Cohorts: Both players bring cohorts of equal value.

Restrictions: None

Victory Conditions: The last player with models remaining in the arena is the victor.

As the fans of the Arena wait for their Gladiators.

The cohorts are both deployed and ready for battle.

‘Infelix’ is the first casualty of the Arena.

‘Micon’ pushes ‘Gaius Pallidus’ into the Pit and to his death.

‘Ban-Luca’ spears ‘Micon’ into the Pit, to his death and victory for Legio XIII.

The game was a really good learning experience and I really enjoyed how the game plays.  The one item that was hard for me to wrap around was that there was no Rounds in the game.  Each model takes alternating Turns which keeps the game really flowing.  As we got down to one model each, then Last Man Standing kicks in, for me personally (in this game) that got a bit boring as both models were just dancing around in circles trying to push the other into the Pit.  As I stated “in this game”, normally you would have more terrain features setup in the Arena and have may more obstacles that you can push your opponent into.

The plan is to play a few more games with the same 3v3 Starter Sets, but next time we add some more terrain, maybe another Pit and some Columns.

I think once we get back from NOVA Open at the end of the month, then these models will start to hit the painting table, I should have more of our models assembled that we can play with as I get these painted.


  1. I backed the game on KS and just never really got into it. I didn't like all the fantasy stuff. I do like the models and painted mine up. I should take another look at it however too many other games on the table these days.

  2. Honestly, I have not read any of the lore yet, but I did hear there was some fantasy tied into it. The models are really nice but I feel the metals are too thin, need to be careful with them with playing. Going to get a test model on the table soon (Micon), more than likely table top quality, going to go for the "dirty" look since they are battling it out in an arena.