June 4, 2009

FOW: US Tank Company

Here are some pictures I took a little over a year ago for my US Tank Company for Flames Of War. I am just about done with adding an Armored Rifle Platoon to the Company and those pictures should hopefully be up later this week. This army will be playable in both Mid War (MW) and Late War (LW). In MW its just about 2100 points. For LW this list will come out to about 1500 points. Also for LW, I'll be replacing two of the Jeeps from the Tank Destroyer Platoon with two M20 Utility vehicles.

Once I get the ARP finished, I'll start to concentrate on the Soviets for awhile. This will then give me two playable armies. I'll eventually also add some Germans and other Axis and Allies.

US Tank Company

Company HQ

Tank Platoon: M4A1

Tank Platoon: M4A1

Tank Platoon: M5A1

Tank Destroyer Platoon: M10


  1. Thanks DS. I finished the 2 M20's to replace the Jeep's the other day. I'll try and get those pics up shortly.