October 1, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #39

Well we are now into the month of October and the final quarter for my Painting Queue.  My 3rd quarter was not as good as my 1st, but much much better than my 2nd quarter.  I am out on vacation this week so not much will get done model wise nor gaming, but when I get back and I need to take a look at my Painting Queue Backlog and move some items over to the Queue.

When I get back from vacation, Warmachine Weekend will be less than a month away, and I need to decide if my son and I will still be attending.  The lack of information from the organizers is really disheartening and the cost of a new dryer for the household tapped into the slush funds.  If I decide that we are still attending WMW, I need to take a look at my models and see what needs to be completed, or I may be alright with what I already have (I'll need to check with my son too in case he needs any Cygnar completed).

For last week, I was able to complete another 10 models of 'Warriors of the Dead' (half way done with my Dead of Dunharrow army), and I was able to get in 2 games, a game of Arena Rex and a game of X-Wing.

I also need to get back to finishing my Arena Rex (that may be higher in the queue), there is talk of an event in Chicago sometime in November and I may try and attend that event for some practice.

Models Completed: 10

Games Played: 2


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