February 19, 2015

W40K: Black Templars 'Terminators'

Besides adding two Black Templars Marines to fill out some units last month, it has been quite a few years since I lasted painted for Warhammer 40K. With my renewed interest in W40K for this year, it is time to get some models painted.

My current Black Templars army is quite a few years old, ok, really old, so some of the models are OOP including my current Terminators unit. This past weekend I got a steller deal on a unit of Terminators. So why not, let's get them painted and added to the army. Over the next few weeks we'll be adding more new models for the Black Templars as we get the army ready for a map campaign I am playing in.

Black Templars: Terminators
Black Templars: Terminators
Painting Points: 10


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