October 10, 2018

Guild Ball: Season 4 Butcher's Guild Cards

For the last few days, the media outlet has been releasing sneak peeks of the upcoming Season 4 cards for the Guild Ball Guilds for the release of Season 4 this weekend, and today was the day of the Butcher's Guild release.

I have not played Guild Ball for quite awhile now (around AdeptiCon 2018), but I am really looking forward to the new release of Season 4 and playing with my Butcher's Guild.  The Butcher's Guild fits my play style (dealing out damage) and I cannot wait to give them a try this weekend.  I have 12 models completed for my Butcher's and still need to assemble/paint their new recruit in 'Veteran Gutter'.  Maybe after this weekend I will get her up on the painting table.

Below are all the new Season 4 cards for the Butcher's Guild, now I just have to decide on a roster of 6 to try out this weekend.


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