March 22, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 3/22/2010: LoTOW: 'Frontier'

Yesterday I decided to head out to one of the few independent gaming stores in the Chicago area (Games Plus in Mt. Prospect) to see if they have a WWII Skirmish rule set called "Rules of Engagement" by "Great Escape Games" that Rob over at "Drunken Samurai Painting Blog" has recently picked up. If there is a store that will carry this game in Chicago, it would be Games Plus.  They have just about every type of independent game and miniature available.  So I'm perusing the aisles and sure enough I find the rule book, as Rob mentioned it is a nice hard back style of rule book, but it also had a nice price tag of $52.00.  The next aisle over were all the rulebooks for Legends of The Old West.  I have the main rulebook for LoTOW, but I do not own any of the supplement books.  Seeing how I started this blog to chronicle my hobbying/gaming of Old West miniatures and I really have not done much of that, it made me really think what do I want to purchase.  A  new rule set that I only own a few miniatures for (WWII), or pick up the supplement "Frontier" for LoTOW.

Well after perusing the "Frontier" book and noticed that they have a section in their for competitive gaming and the rules for building your Posse's for competitive gaming, my son and I decided that we should probably pick up the supplement instead of learning another rule set.  As I stated in my New Years Resolution, I need to cut down on the new games I pick up and concentrate on the one's I have.  I also stated that I will be getting more involved in LoTOW this year.  Just 10 more days until we move, then my two core games will be Warhammer 40K, and Legends of The Old West.  This will be followed by Warhammer Fantasy and Lord of the Rings.  If time allows I will then also play other games.

Last year I purchased plenty of building for LoTOW to play the game, but we were lacking in the rest of the terrain.  Seeing how Games Plus has 'everything' there, I decided to check out some the terrain that they also have.  Tim K over at "Cursed Treasures" has gotten me hooked on loading the table up with terrain, and the terrain does really make the table look awesome and fun to play on.

I headed on down to the terrain aisles and came across the following items that I thought we would add to our games.

Wooden Fences - 6 pieces

Wooden Boxes and Crates (8) pre-painted

Wooden Barrels (approx. 22)

All of these items are made by "Pegasus Hobbies", and I already own one of their fence sets, so adding the above to our collection will nicely fill out our gaming table.

With LoTOW Frontier and the above terrain, I walked out of Games Plus for close to the same price as what the rule book for "Rules of Engagement" would have cost me.  I still would like to play the WWII Skirmish game (maybe if I meet up with Rob and Tim) but I really want to concentrate on LoTOW first.

April is going to be a real busy month for me in regards to painting.....  Now I need to add my Old West building to list of items to paint.


  1. Hey Dean,
    Me and the gang have been discussing some LotOW action ourselves...what buildings did you get
    I have been looking for some myself?
    best of luck to you and Dragi in AZ

  2. I ended up finding a company called Frontline Wargaming. Frontline Wargaming has a distributor here in the states RLBPS based in Rockford, IL.