October 10, 2018

X-Wing: Applied Perspective 2.0 Movement Templates

Back at the end of September I ordered some new 2.0 Movement Templates from Applied Perspective and they finally arrived yesterday afternoon.  I have ordered from this company once before back in 2014 for X-Wing 1.0, but with X-Wing 2.0, new templates are needed.  The newer templates have a center line going down each of the templates.  This center line is used for special movements like Barrel Rolls (so you can easily line up the template with the base of your ship).

There is nothing wrong with the templates that come with the Core Set, it is more of the coolness factor of having them in acrylic.  I ordered an acrylic green set for my son, and blue for myself.  The durability of the acrylic over the cardboard will also be better over time.

Now I have to go an finish peeling the rest of the templates.


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