April 1, 2018

Daily Chronicle: 2018 2nd Quarter Painting Queue

First off, Happy Easter! everyone.  I cannot believe I am already into the 2nd quarter of 2018 for my Painting Queue.  I just spent the morning re-priortizing the queue and adding more models that I had purchased through my son and at AdeptiCon last weekend and the list is pretty long.  I could probably add more for the 2nd quarter but I know the end of May and the end of June will be rough with being out of town for a week in both of those months, so I am trying to keep it a bit reasonable.  One thing I did notice is that my Guild Ball models seem to keep sliding down in my queue.  I know the Ratcatchers will be released later this month, and the Falconer’s in June (Falconer’s are not yet in my queue).  Looks like the Guild Ball models will get painted when I get a little tired of painting Warmachine/Hordes.  Also in the 3rd quarter I know I will have to paint some Batman Miniature Game miniatures.  I did not add them to my 2nd quarter since I am waiting for my son to arrive and he can show me how to play the game, then we shall see how it goes.  I am sure they will be hitting the queue for the 3rd quarter.

Now I just have to get myself re-motivated again (after a little time off from painting) and start hitting the queue...and let’s not forget, actually try and get some games in also.

You can check out my current queue HERE.


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