May 27, 2010

W40K: IG Heavy Weapon Lascannons

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So I noticed the other day that I am only 4 Painting Points shy of setting a monthly record for myself.  My monthly record is 135 Painting Points and I am currently at 132 Painting Points.

What better way to get 4 Painting Points than to finish the 2 remaining Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Teams I still have sitting in my bitz box.

I already have 3 Autocannons and 4 Heavy Bolters.  It sure would be nice to add some Lascannon's to the army.  So that is what I decided to do.  I modeled the remaining 2 teams as Lascannon's.

I was able to start on them yesterday during the little downtime I had with work, and sprayed the Matte finish this morning.

Imperial Guard Lascannon Teams

Imperial Guard Lascannon Teams

Painting Points: 4


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