May 9, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Tactical Squad 1

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The nice thing about Mother's Day is that when the wife is playing board games with the kids, I can get away and paint some models.

As I mentioned earlier this morning, I painted 5 Tactical Marines yesterday to see if finishing the Ultramarines would be of interest to me or would they become like the Orks.

I did enjoy painting Marines (not really sure why, maybe because they paint up fast and I dont get bored being on a single color for a long time) so I continued this morning painting the second half of Squad 1.

My Ultramrines, like my Tyranids and Orks will just be a 1750 point army for me.  I may decide to add a fourth Tactical unit so I can play 2000 poiints, but for now it is 3 Tactical Squads in Drop Pods, 2 Sternguard Veterans in Drop Pods, 1 Librarian and Chief Librarian Tigurius.  52 models and 5 Drop Pods.  Probably not real competitive, but it is a change in play style for me.

One other nice option about this army is, I can also use them as "allies" for my son's Salamander army.  Vulkan He'stan is calling for help "send in the reinforcements" and then you have 3 Ultramarine Tactical squads arriving via Drop Pods with the units equipped with Flamers and Multimelta's to take advantage of Vulkan's abilities.

Here is Tactical Squad 1:
Ultramarines Tactical Squad 1

Ultramarines Tactical Squad 1 Sgt.

Ultramarines Tactical Squad 1 Sgt.

Painting Points: 10


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