April 17, 2018

BMG: Spartan (John Diggle) [BatB]

I was finally able to get another miniature completed and this time I decided to try painting a model for the Batman Miniature Game.  I have yet to play a game or fully read the rulebook, but I wanted a little change from paintng Warmachine/Hordes.  In two months when my oldest son moves up here he will teach me how to play the game, then I will have to try and juggle my time between WM/H, Guild Ball and Batman Miniature Game.

I purchased a few models for BMG at this years AdeptiCon (Two Face force), but this model ‘Spartan’ I had actually purchased awhile ago in anticipation of playing the game.  He looked like a quick model to paint and I wanted to see if I could match my bases to my sons bases.  I got it pretty close.

Spartan (John Diggle)

Spartan (John Diggle)


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