May 9, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 5/9/2010: About Face

First off I'd like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to any mother's out their who may be reading this, and to any gaming guys with wives and children, wish your wives Happy Mother's Day.

Second, About Face!  Friday afternoon I decided to pull out 10 of my Ork Boys, get them primed, drybrush Boltgun Metal, basecoat the skin.  While finishing the skin on the fifth Ork, I said to myself...... these guys are not fun to paint.  For some reason I could not get myself excited about painting the Orks.  I know I should get this army done, but I do not think I can paint them start to finish.  I think the Orks will have to be an army that slowly gets done over time while I have some free time from other projects (free time, right, there always is another army to paint....)

So yesterday I perused my garage for the box that had all my Ultramarines in them.  Found the box and I proceeded to grab a Troop Tactical Squad.  I had decided that I wanted to see if they were more enjoyable for me to paint.  I started with just painting the first 5 from the squad.  I was able to get the 5 done in about an hours time.  Then last night I headed out to Empire Games for an IG vs. Salamanders battle (I was able to get my IG to play 1750 Fully Mech) and while playing and talking with my son I decided that the Ultramarines were a bit more fun to paint and would not mind playing them every now and then (my Ultramarine army is a full Drop Pod army) and they would be a nice change of pace.

This morning I decided to paint up the second 5 from the squad.  I still have to place the decals on them and get the bases done.  Probably sometime tomorrow pictures will be available.

So it looks like the Orks will be taking the back burner again. The Ultramarines are moving up to the front of the line, with some added Tau once some models get purchased.

I also was able to pick up 2 more Zoanthropes Friday night.  These 2 should be assembled/painted this week and that would then bring me to 1500 points completed.  All that is left to purchase/paint would then be another Trygon Prime.

Stay Tunes, and once again Happy Mother's Day to he mother's out there.


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