May 11, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Tactical Squad 2

Games Workshop©
I know I really should be finishing my Tyranids this week, but last night I decided to start on my second Tactical Squad for the Ultramarines army.

Probably tonight I'll take a break from the Ultramarines and start to assemble the last 2 Zoanthropes, then on Thursday I'll prime them and have them done by the weekend.

Anyways below are two pictures from Ultramarines Tactical Squad 2.

Ultramarines Tactical Squad 2

Ultramarines Tactical Squad 2 Sgt.

Painting Points: 10


  1. Hey, I dig the Sgt. What are you using as a base color for his face? Highlight color? I recently painted a dark skinned Marine and used Bestial Brown with a wash of Ogryn flesh and really light highlights of Elf Flesh to bring out the details... But I wasn't happy with the Bestial Brown as a base... it's too brownish and not skinnish....

  2. That is just Scorched Brown with a was of Black. Sometimes I'll also do a very lite highlight with Bestial Brown.

    I always start my "dark skin" with Scorched Brown now.