May 12, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Tactical Squad 3

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Yes I know, I finished another Space Marine Tactical Squad before finishing a unit for my Tyranids.  I could not resist.  I am thinking of play-testing my 1750 point Ultramarine list Friday night, so the more I have painted, the better it is for me (personal preference to try and play with all painted miniatures).

To my defense, I did manage to assemble the 2 Zoanthropes and get the basing material applied.  I am just waiting for that to dry and then they can be primed.  They are still on schedule.  Then this weekend I can pick up my second Trygon and call the Tyranids complete.

Back to the Marines.  3 Squads are now done.  I still have 2 Vet Squads and 5 Drop Pods to paint and my 2 HQ choices.

I may be needing another army to start and paint soon......  The Blood Angels are looking better and better...  but there is still Tau.....  or help my son with his Eldar.....  so many choices.

Ultramarines Tactical Squad 3

Ultramarines Tactical Squad 3

Painting Points: 10


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