May 6, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Mycetic Spores Part 2

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The "dip" fully dried by the morning and I was able to continue on with the Mycetic Spores.  The Spores looked a bit too brown for me and I've been contemplating on what to do with them.  I decided just to add a little blue in the same fashion the rest of my Tyranid armour is painted.  They look a little better, and they are just "tabletop" quality.  At least I can now game with them until GW does release their own model.

Remaining Steps:

7.  Once the dip fully dried, I then painted on Astronomican Grey near the top of the Spores.

8.  Once that paint was dry, it was followed with a wash of Asurmen Blue.

9.  I glued on some rocks to match what I have been currently using.

10.  I then proceeded to paint up the bases of the Spores in my standard Tyranid fashion.  Basecoat of Bestial Brown followed by a drybrush of Bleached Bone.

11.  It was now time for the matte spray.  This is the step that worries me the most, I shall find out in a few hours if I had enough coating on my Spores.  I made sure to stay 12"-18" away while spraying the matte, and also sprayed in light coats.

Finished Mycetic Spores:

Mycetic Spore 1

Mycetic Spore 2

Mycetic Spore with Zoanthrope

Painting Points: 20


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