May 2, 2010

W40K: Salamanders Vindicator 1

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For a change from painting my Tyranids, I decided to take a model off my shelf and add a unit to my son's Salamander army.  I had 2 Vindicators sitting up there, so I decided to bring one down.

My son's Salamander army is obviously themed around Vulkan with all the twin linked flamers and meltas.  This Salamander army is also his Space Marine army that we will always expand on.  So whenever he wants to buy or try a new unit, it will be for this army.

Anyway, getting back to the Vindicator,  I woke up early on Saturday morning (to finish the Zoanthropes) and to start assembly on this tank.  I managed to complete the tank in a few hours, and then when I arrived back home from errands I sprayed on the primer.  First thing this morning, the painting commenced on the tank, and just a little while ago, the matte spray was placed.

To see the some more pictures on my son's Salamander army, you can click HERE

Space Marine Vindicator 1

Space Marine Vindicator 1

Space Marine Vindicator 1
Painting Points: 10


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