May 16, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Drop Pod 1

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Drop Pod 1 for Tactical Squad 1 is now complete.  Too bad all 5 of my Drop Pod's are already assembled/basecoated.  A valuable lesson if you have not already assembled/painted one.  Paint the inside separate from the rest of the Drop Pod.

I had purchased/assembled/basecoated my 5 Drop Pods almost two years ago (when they first came out).  Yes, I was suppose to finish my Ultramarine army while living in Chicago, but never did get to them.  I had thought painting the insides would not be a problem, "it's just boltgun", but what a pain.  Lesson learned for whenever I have to build another.

Just 4 more Drop Pod's to go.

Ultramarines Drop Pod 1

Ultramarines Drop Pod 1

Painting Points: 10


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