May 20, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 5/20/2010

Time for another dose of the "Daily Chronicle".  As I stated yesterday work has really picked up this week and I have been swamped yesterday, today, tomorrow going into early next week.

I did happen to start on a Space Marine Whirlwind for my son's Salamander army.  I plan on getting that finished later this afternoon and pictures should be available later tonight.

Yesterday I finally ordered a light kit for taking pictures of my miniatures.  I have been shopping them for the last 6 months and I told myself that when I get down to Arizona I'll finally purchase one.  Most of the light kits I have found were around $60-$100 depending on the size.  Yesterday on they were offering a 12" light kit for only $19.99 plus $4.95 shipping.  So for under $25.00 shipped I figure I'll give it a shot.  I'd like to thank Brent over at for pointing it out to me.  Hopefully it will arrive sometime next week and I'll do some test pictures with it.

My order from The War Store should be arriving today.  I had ordered some more "Army Painter" 'Desert Yellow' for my Imperial Guard and a couple of cans of 'Dragon Red'.  'Dragon Red' is there new color so I can do my Blood Angels.  I have been thrilled with the results of the "Army Painter" primers and I'm hoping the red will be just as good.  Along with the primers, I order some bitz to assemble some Blood Angel Assault Squads.  I already had 10 Jump Packs sitting in my bitz box, so I figured I'd order some 'running legs' and some more 'bodies'.  I'll also pick up a couple of boxes of the new Blood Angels models so I can add in some of the Blood Angel bitz.

Once the Whirlwind gets completed, not sure what I'll throw on the painting board next.  It will either be to assemble the Leman Russ, or another Drop Pod to paint.  I may lean towards the Drop Pod just to have all 3 done for the Tactical Squads.

Pictures of the Whirlwind coming later today.


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