April 15, 2019

Battle Report: BMG 4/14/2019 (Batman vs Grodd)

Yesterday my son and I got in another game of Batman Miniature Game, and this time we used the full 350/$1500 point values.  Seeing how my Central City Villains are now completed, I played with those 5 models: 'Grodd', 'King Shark', 'Gorilla Shaman', 'Gorilla Soldier 1' and 'Gorilla Soldier 2'.  My son was playing his newest Jim Lee 'Batman', 'Nightwing' and mix of 'Swat' and 'Arkham Guards'.

It took us awhile to actually get the game going, setup and I wanted to look over all the rules on my 5 cards since I have never played them before, but once we got the game going, we took our time were finished in about 3 hours (I was looking up a lot of rules).

We decided to randomly roll for a scenario from the Batmatch tournament rules, and we rolled 8, TWO FRONTS.

I am not recalling everything that happened in the game, but in the final round 'King Shark' was able to Knock Out 'Batman' and then 'Grodd' followed through and got the casualty, the rest of my Gorilla's went and secured Objectives.  Grodd crew won this match 38-18 and only left one 'Arkham Guard' left on the mat while 'Grodds' crew were all still alive (some barely holding on).


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