May 31, 2010

W40K: Imperial Fists Rhinos 1 & 2

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Yesterday I mentioned that I did not start on my second Sternguard unit because I was sidetracked with another project.  Yes, as the post title states, I started an Imperial Fists army.  No my Blood Angels are not going to the "back burner", just the "side burner".  I need about $250.00 worth of Blood Angel models to continue on with them, and for the Imperial Fists, I just had to spend $22.00

On Friday a friend of mine and myself were on IM and we were talking about Space Marines.  I said that I wouldn't mind doing a Imperial Fists Chapter led by Lysander (I like to theme armies around the Special Characters for the fluff of the game).  So I perused all my bitz boxes and old 40K boxes and found some models I could use.  I had assembled 4 units of Terminators for a Deathwing Variant my son was going to run for his Dark Angels.  Since we are no longer expanding the Dark Angels (just his Salamander army), I recruited them for the Imperial Fists.  I also found an old shoe box of models.  Inside this box I found 2 Second or Third edition Tactial Squads with 2 modern Rhinos.  These 2 Squads were now also recruited.  Last we found a Devastator Squad with 4 Missile Launchers and they have now also joined the ranks.  Now all we need was Lysander.  While at Empire Games that night, sure enough, Lysander was sitting on the shelf.  He was now to become the new leader of 1500 point Imperial Fists army.

So once I finished up the one unit of Sternguard this weekend, I had to start on the Imperial Fists.  I was able to basecoat most of the army and started on the Rhinos and Tactical Squads.

I'll be working on the Imperial Fists while I wrap up the Ultramarines.  In June I should be able to make some purchases for the Blood Angels and get them started.  I like have 2-3 painting projects going at a time. It keeps me interested in painting and now get bored with one army.

Here are the 2 Imperial Fists Rhinos I was able to complete.

Imperial Fists Rhino 1

Imperial Fists Rhino 1

Imperial Fists Rhino 2

Imperial Fists Rhino 2

Painting Points: 20


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