May 3, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 5/3/2010: Orks Win!

Well, the people have spoken.......  I recently was running a poll for which army I should paint next (see post HERE) and I would like to thank everyone that has voted.  It looks like the Orks will be the next full army that I start painting.......  but wait.....  I really personally wanted to do a Tau army.  So I decided that I will paint both armies together.

I already have all the models for the Ork army, and nothing has been purchased for the Tau army.  So while I am purchasing and assembling models for the Tau army, I can start painting the Orks.  When I get tired of painting the 30 Ork squads, paint some Tau for awhile.

I am in no rush to complete either of these armies, I just want some more armies to be able to play with.  I personally enjoy the "collecting" of armies as much as I do the modeling/gaming of the hobby.  I love to be able to just grab a different army off the shelf and throw down for a fun game.  I get easily bored with just one army.  The more the merrier.

So the next armies will be:

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Games Workshop©


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