May 20, 2010

W40K: Salamanders Whirlwind 1

Games Workshop©
I had a Space Marine Whirlwind lying on my shelf and I thought I'd add it to my son's Salamander army.  I was not going to use it in my Ultramarines or Blood Angels (and my Black Templars cannot use them), so why not, add some more arsenal for my son.  One thing about my son's Salamander army is that this is his army to grow with.  When a cool model comes out or wants to try something different, it will be for this army.

The Whirlwind I had was already assembled, so I threw on some paint last night and finished up the highlights this morning.  Matte spray just finished drying, so here's the picture.

Space Marine Whirlwind 1

Painting Points: 10


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