May 7, 2010

W40K: Dark Angels Azrael

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For the last two years my son's Dark Angels Azrael has been sitting in his army bag unpainted.  He keeps on asking me when he can play with him (he has a fully painted Dark Angels army, and to play with one unpainted model in the army just urks me).

Before leaving for school this morning, he sent me an email with a 1750 point list and asking me if he can play with Azrael tonight (he has a game lined up with a friend tonight).  I took a look at his list, made some small changes and then printed it out.

I then thought to myself he would be really surprised if he opened his army bag and saw Azrael all painted up.

So I then proceeded to dig out the black primer and give the model a quick spray.  Living out here in Arizona again, the primer really dries nice and fast.

Once the primer dried I quickly threw down some paint.  I usually like to spend a lot more time on my Characters, but this is a fun army for him to play with.  Once I got all my paint on, I then washed the entire model in Badab Black.  Using the black wash is probably my only regret.  Once the model dried, I realized I should have went with "Devlan Mud" on the robes instead of the black.  Oh well.....  the rest of his Dark Angels has a darker scheme to them and he will blend right in.

I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he opens his bag tonight....  That's what this hobby is all about, having fun throwing some dice.

Dark Angels Azrael
I delayed the publication of this post until later in day...  once my son leaves for the store.

Painting Points: 2

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  1. It's not the paintjob, it's the fact that Azrael will be in the bag and your Son can use him tonight.

    That's what matters.