May 13, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 5/13/2010

It's been a few days since I wrote a Daily Chronicle, usually I'm posting up new pictures of units that I have finished.  Well since the models I am working on are not quite done, today will be a dose of "Daily Chronicle".

Last week a friend wrote on his blog 'Cursed Treasures' "What are you?"  He was basically asking what type of hobbyist are you and he broke it up into three categories, the Modeler, the Collector and the Gamer and then proceeded to explain all three.  I've been thinking about this for awhile, and as you can probably tell from my blog, I am probably Collector/Gamer/Modeler.  I enjoy the "collecting" of armies.  Not necessary collecting every game or every model out there, but I enjoy collecting all the different W40K armies that there are.  This then brings me to the "gamer".  With the "collecting" it then allows me to just grab an army off the shelf and throw down for a "game".  I like the variety of playing the different armies and different play styles.  I do not care if I win or lose anymore (been there / done that), I just enjoy the background more.  This then leads me to the "modeler" which I am definitely not.  I do enjoy having beautiful painted armies, and when I take my time I can achieve this.  Usually I look for the "quick way" to get a "tabletop" quality army done and on the play table.  So there you go, I'm a Collector/Gamer/Modeler.

So what is new to report on the front.  For my Tyranid army, my last 2 Zoanthropes were painted today and I am waiting for the "dip" to dry overnight.  Tomorrow I will finish the bases on them and hopefully get them matted.  I'm currently out of matte spray and will be making a run tonight to Hobby Lobby.  I'm hoping they received more in stock.  Then tomorrow night I should probably pick up my second Trygon Prime.  This guy will be the last model to complete for my Tyranids.

Now moving onto the Ultramarines, you can see that this week I finished all 3 Tactical Squads.  I am currently working on the Drop Pods for these units.  I also ran out of some paint to finish them, so that will be added to my store runs tonight.  Not really sure when this army be completed.  I would probably say that by early June they should be done if not sooner.  I'm not sure how long the Veteran Squads will take to finish.

That brings to me my next army.  I really thought I was going to do a Tau army next (glad I did not pick up any models last week.)  But I think I will probably do another Marine army and go with the Blood Angels.  I do not mind building another Marine army as long as I do not build the same lists and use the same models.  Once again, I'm a "collector", so I want to use the new "Baal Predators" and play with "Assault Squads".  I think I came up with a fun list to play, now it's time to slowly purchase the models.


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