May 18, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Trygon Prime 2 Completed

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My second Trygon Prime is now completed.  Last Friday night I decided to purchase the Trygon and finish the Tyranids instead of purchasing models for my Blood Angels.  I am happy that I decided to do this.  With the Trygon completed, I can now say that my 1750 points of Tyranids are ALL DONE.

Exactly one month since I started painting them they are completed.  Feels really good to have another painted army to play with.  These Tyranids will be making their maiden voyage this Friday night against some Orks.

Now that the Tyranids are completed, The Ultramarines move up to the top for painting, followed by assembly of the Blood Angels.

Trygon Prime 2

Trygon Prime 2

Trygon Prime 1 & 2

Painting Points: 10

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