May 30, 2010

W40K: Ultramarines Sternguard Veteran Squad 1

Games Workshop©
On Friday I mentioned this weekend will be modeling and gaming.  So far so good.  I was able to finish my first Sternguard Veteran Squad for the Ultramarines.  I was not able to start on the second unit yet as I got distracted with another project (post coming later today).

I first put together this Sternguard unit before Games Workshop released there metal models.  Since all my Troop Squads for this army are using the AOBR Space Marines, I thought using the regular Space Marines for he Sternguard's will work ok.  I modified the Combi-flamer's and Combi-melta's for this unit just with some of my existing bitz.  I could not see myself spending $9 for a single weapon.  This is just a "friendly game" army for me, so for my friends my weapon's will work just alright.

One more unit, 2 more Drop Pods and 2 Characters to go.........

Ultramarines Sternguard Unit 1

Painting Points: 10


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