May 16, 2019

BMG: Plast Craft Games "City Building"

A second post today since it has been a pretty busy week with models and buildings.

To go along with the Urban "Court House" I posted yesterday, today is another building from the Urban line of Plast Craft Games and it is a "City Building".  One change I made to this building (and it is a small one), the front fences are suppose to be glued to building, I left them unattached.  Depending on where we place the building on our gaming mat, I did not want the fences to end up in the middle of the street.  Then the one slight disappointment in the kit is that the back fire escape is just a bit too narrow for one of the models to stand on the platform, it can still fit up there but on the railing of the fire escape and we may play it like that here at home.

Painting Points: 10*
* assembly time


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