April 6, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 4/6/2010: Settling in the "Old West"

Well we arrived back in Arizona this past Friday morning (3 AM local time).  The trip was very uneventful (which is a good thing), but we did manage to make one stop along the way.  While driving through New Mexico we stopped at Billy the Kids grave site.  My three boys are all interested in the 'old west' and Billy the Kid, so it was a nice stop to stretch the legs and do some souvenir shopping.

The moving truck (driven by my cousins) arrived late Friday night, so we decided that we would just unload the truck first Saturday morning.  The unloading went real quick and we are almost settled in.  All the essentials items are all put away, really what's left is my boy's toys and my Warhammer toys.  I'll get to those as soon as I can.

I was hoping to be able to start on my final four Chimera's this week, but the little items are keeping me away from that.  I'll stay up late Friday night to start assembling them and hopefully sometime Saturday I'll be able to spray the basecoat on them.  I'm really anxious to get my Imperial Guard done.  Hopefully soon.  After AdeptiCon I made some slight changes to my 1750 IG list (so I wont need the second Hellhound for that list, but will still need it for my 2000 point list).  As long as I can have my 1750 list done soon, I'll be ready to play.  It will give me a little bit of time then to finish out the 2000 points.

I plan on stopping at Empire Games this Wednesday night to get a Fantasy game in with my son, while I'm there I'll also pick up some more Tyranid models that I need for that army (my birthday was last week and when we arrived in Arizona, my parents gave me a birthday card with some green stuff inside.....)

OK, back to putting things away.........

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  1. Welcome back to the Valley. I hope you are ready for the summer, I'm not.