May 12, 2019

BMG: Plast Craft Games "Circus Set"

A couple of weeks ago when I started purchasing some 'Joker' models for the Batman Miniature Game, I thought to myself how cool it would be to play on a circus themed tabled.  I then remembered from AdeptiCon 2018 while watching some of the Malifaux gaming, such terrain does exist.

Plast Craft Games had teamed up with Wyrd Games (makers of Malifaux) to released some licensed terrain, and one of the sets they released was the circus.  I then visited the Plast Craft Games website to see what all was available for the circus, and there was quite a few different items including a "Big Top Stage" which was a must needed item, heck, actually all of it was needed.  Between Miniature Market and Amazon, I was able to order everything I wanted.  Amazon deliveries were quick, but with Miniature Market I had to wait a bit for it to arrive, and then one day the circus came into town.

There is a lot of assembly needed for all of this and my usual super glue worked great.  The material is some sort of plastic (hence the name of the company) and it all comes pre-painted which is what I have been looking for lately.

I started assembling some items when it first arrived and ran out of time, but last night I was able to finish up the last two boxes and complete my circus.

I also knew I needed a gaming mat for the circus set and decided to check out my two usual companies, Frontline Gaming and Tablewar and elected to go with the "Cave Floor" design from Tablewar.

I like the terrain so much, that I just went ahead and order some Urban and Malifaux buildings for our city mat.

Painting Points: 80*
* assembly time  (10x8)


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