May 5, 2019

Battle Report: BMG 5/5/2019 (Batman vs Organized Crime)

After our game of Guild Ball earlier today, it was time to practice for MuseOn Con with out Batman Miniature Game lists.  I had to get some chores quickly done (cut the front grass) while my son set up the gaming table, once that was all done we were ready to roll (roll some dice).

At MuseOn Con we will be playing in a Friday night 250 Rep / $1000 game, and then on Sunday in a Dynamic Duos team event where each player will have 200 Rep / $1000, so for today's practice game, we decided to play with our 250 Rep lists.  With recently finishing my 'Two-Face' gang this past week, I decided that is who I want to play with at MuseOn Con, so I gave it a "shot".

We randomly rolled in the Batmatch doc and we were going to be playing "Looting".

I do not remember all the details of the game (I rarely do) and the game is still so new I am learning, but I made quick work of 3 of 'Batmans' Henchmen to clear out my left side of the gaming board allowing me to control 3 Objectives.  'Batman' was on my right with another one of his Henchmen while I had two of my own trying to slow them down.  One his Henchman sat on an "Ammo" Objective, my guys were done with on that side of the board, easily going down to gunfire.

I was barely up on VP (it was tight) and 'Batman' had to make a move to my side of the board.  'Tet' and 'Two-Face' were able to do some damage on 'Batman' and then 'Batman' KO 'Tet' to claim an Objective.  It was close and there was a chance the game could end in a Tie, but I was going first in the last Round and I had to open up on 'Batman' with 'Two-Face'......'Batman' went down.... Ping and Bat Armor could not save him.

Final score was 32-23 which was just a Minor Victory for Organized Crime.


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