May 29, 2019

BMG: Muse on Minis "Shipping Crates"

While attending this past weekend's MuseOn Con in Des Moines, I really wanted to purchase some of the Muse on Minis "Shipping Crates" that they make for the Batman Miniature Game.  When we arrived and did our shopping, I was a little disappointed that they had none for sale.

During our 350 Rep Batmatch Tournament on Saturday, during Game 3 one of the prizes for securing an Objective was to win one of their crates....perfect.  My opponent and I both tied in achieving our Objectives at the same time, so it went to the person who also controlled a second Objective, unfortunately that was my opponent so he won the Crate.  My opponent was from Minnesota and one of the cast member of the Boy Wonders podcast, he was nice enough and offered the Crate to me....I was very thankful.  When our event was over, I had found out that my son and won one also, so we came home with two Crates.  Yesterday I had some time and quickly assembled them, they are much smaller than our Crates from 4Ground, but they will still work out nicely.

Painting Points: 10*
* assembly time


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