May 20, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #20

It was a pretty busy weekend for me and unfortunately I was not able to get any models completed this weekend nor prep any for the upcoming week.  I had a friend drive up from Indiana (originally we met while living in Arizona) Friday night and stay with us the entire weekend to get some gaming in with me and my son.  I was able to get in a game of Guild Ball Saturday morning followed by some Team practice of Batman Miniature Game on Sunday.

Batman vs Penguin on Saturday night.

Batman vs Penguin on Saturday night.

Modeling wise last week I did get quite a bit accomplishment, a lot of it was terrain was BMG.  3 models were complete and 5 buildings for BMG.

This week may be a bit rough on the modeling front (I may be able to get one model completed).  Friday morning we will be leaving for MuseOn Con for the weekend, so my gaming will be happening at the Con.  We are planning on a 250 Rep BMG tournament on Friday evening, then Guild Ball on Saturday and finally on Sunday a 200 Rep per player BMG Team Tournament.

Models Completed: 3
Games Played: 2


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