May 6, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #18

Even though this past week was real busy with real work, I was able to get my 'Two-Face' gang completed and posted here.  I still have a lot more Batman Miniature Game models to assemble/paint (with all my recent purchases), but I need to prioritize on what needs to be completed first.

I have a Guild Ball tournament coming this Saturday where I really would like to have 'Cinnamon' in my lineup, but she was primed yesterday afternoon after playtesting her, hopefully I can find time this week in the evening to start working on her (I am hoping to have a few colors done this evening to get me in the mood of completing her).

The next priority will be to complete any models needed for MuseOn Con at the end of the month, the problem with that is those models are still shipping from Knight Models in Spain, I have no clue when t expect those, hopefully with enough time to get the Cops completed for my son.

Once the above is done, then I can paint for fun again, more than likely start working on a 'Joker' crew.

So, 4 models were completed last week along with playing a game of Guild Ball and BMG.

Models Completed: 4
Games Played: 2


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