May 5, 2019

Battle Report: Guild Ball 5/5/2019 Butcher's vs Hunter's

It has been a little while since my son and I played a Butcher's vs Hunter's match up at home (originally we were suppose to be at a tournament today, but issues with basement leaking kept me home so I can keep watch on it).

Since I recently received my Cook's Minor Guild, I wanted to finally get in a practice game with 'Cinnamon' along with Captain 'Veteran Boar' to see how the two work together.

The lineups that were played are as follows:

 V Boar
V Ox
V Minx
V Hearne

Once again as usual, the clock and me do not get along.  I was taking too much time with decisions and then executing them.  The extra movement in this game from 'Cinnamon' did not help too much, but I can see in certain  situations where it would help.

This game was pretty close all the way to the end.  My Butcher's were up only 4-2 and then I clocked into overtime and giving up 1 VP per activation.  I managed another 2 Taken Outs too bring up the score to 8-7 and I was coming down to my last minute of extra time.  At this point the Hunter's decided to go for a Goal with 'V Herne', it was a really nice Goal maneuver. but I feel it was a mistake as it gave the ball back to my Butcher's with a wide open 'Shank'.  Well that is exactly what happened with a perfectly placed Goal Kick, 'Shank' went on a Goal run and did a Bonus Time with the Kick, and luckily scored with 1 die for a 12-11 win.  Hunter's really should have won this game with me running out the clock.


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