May 23, 2019

BMG: Diablo (Chato Santana) [Unknown]

I was able to get another Suicide Squad model completed yesterday, (honesty I thought I was done for the week) and now it makes my decision a lot harder for which Crew I want to play with at this weekends MuseOn Con.  I think I am leaning towards using the Suicide Squad models, even though I have never played with any of them, it may be a fun/good weekend to learn how they work.

The model completed yesterday was 'Diablo', it was a tough call between him and 'Slipknot', but having unlimited ammo on his short range "Flaming Tattoos" is kind of nice, the only drawback is that if he fails a Willpower roll at the start of his turn, he does not get to attack.



Painting Points: 1


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