May 13, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #19

I am pretty happy with the week I had for Week #19 of 2019.  I was able to get some models completed, and still get a few games in over the weekend.

First up is the models completed for the week.  Shockingly I was able to finish my entire Cook's Minor Guild for Guild Ball (besides the 2 Limited Edition models).  My goal was to originally just finish 'Cinnamon' and 'Roast' so they can be played with my Butcher's Guild, but I just kept on going and finished the remaining 4 models to complete the box of 6.  By doing so though meant I did not paint any models for Batman Miniature Game.

Friday night I took the evening to finish up on my Circus Themed table for BMG needing only to complete the Big Top Stage and Circus Wagons, now that table completed and ready for gaming.

The the weekend came and it was time to get a few games in (mixed in with some chores).  First up on Saturday was a game of X-Wing and playing my Millennium Falcon list up against 4 T-65 X-Wings, it was the first loss for that Falcon list, I am leaning towards going back to playing my Scum next and compare which I like better.  We will be playing X-Wing at this years NOVA Open in September, so we are throwing in a game every now and then to make sure we do not forget any of the rules.

Sunday was 2 games of BMG to prep for MuseOn Con in 11 days.  I like the list that I have, but I am considering making one change to list (but I am still undecided).  My plan is to get that model painted this week and see which I like better.

We only have 1 more weekend of practice until MuseOn Con.

Models Completed: 6 (plus terrain)
Games Played: 3


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