May 12, 2019

Battle Report: BMG 5/12/2019 (Batman vs Two-Face)

Yesterday was a game of X-Wing (which I lost) and today, my son and I were able to get in 2 games of Batman Miniature Game to ready myself for MuseOn Con in 12 days.

Since at MuseOn Con we are not playing in the 350 Rep game, but instead the 250 on Friday and 200 Teams on Sunday, our practice games consisted of our 250 Rep lists.

My 'Two-Face' led Organized Crime list consisted of the following:

Organized Crime Crew
Models: 6Reputation: 238/250Funding: 1000$/1000$
[Boss][L] Two-Face [99/0$]
[H] Prisoner 04211 [18/400$]
[H] High Security Henchman [40/0$]
[H] Nen [23/0$]
[H] Tet [36/300$]
[H] Vov [22/300$]

We randomly rolled for our games, and Game #1 was "Asphalt Jungle"

Game #1

With most of the Objectives being in the center of the table, the scoring was going to be on the higher side.  My son place the Bat Signal and an Ammo Crate on top of the center building, and I kept my Objectives on ground level.

The 'Two-Face' crew managed to take care of the Cops on the ground and 'Batman' was doing work on top of the building.  I was not able to shut off the Bat Signal with 'Batman' there, but managed to not allow him to score points from the Ammo Crate.  On the ground level, my crew were able to score me VP's each turn.

In the end, 'Two-Face' got a Major Victory 48-22

The models, Objectives, Sewers and Lamp Posts were removed from the table as we prepped the mat for Game 2, we left all the terrain in the same spot and once again rolled for scenario, this time we rolled "Patrol".

Game #2

With Deployment Zones being in opposite corners, along with Objectives, I had a feeling the scoring was going to be on the lower side.

I made the move and sent some guys through the Sewers to get near my Objectives (one of them being 'Two-Face') and he managed to kill 2 Cops that were near my Ammo Crate an I managed to score points for 2 rounds with it.

'Batman' had the choice to try and turn on the Bat Signal or try to deal with my crew and scoring VP's, he went over to my crew leaving me scoring 1 VP from the Bat Signal each round,he tried to get some of his crew over to the Bat Signal but I had 2 Henchmen with guns protecting it.

In the end it was 'Batman' vs 'Two-Face ' in a stare down since neither of us could roll any good dice to do any damage.

This was a tight game, but 'Two-Face' managed a Minor Victory 18-5.


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