May 10, 2019

Guild Ball: Second Wave Captains Arrive

Officially the new second wave Captains come out today, but on Wednesday May 1st I received and email that my order had shipped with my new Captains.  I thought there actually may be a chance I will receive them by today, sure enough yesterday afternoon my package arrived in the mail.

The second wave of Captains consist of 'Corbelli' for the Mason's, 'Rivet' for the Engineer's, 'Culverin'/'Cutlass' for the Blacksmith's and 'Corker' for the Brewer's Guild (who I am most excited for to paint and play).

More than likely the first model I'll tackle (pun intended) on the painting table will be 'Corker' (as I said most excited for), then followed by 'Culverin'/'Cutlass' since that is the Guild my son plays the most after his Hunter's.

Not sure where these models fill in with my painting queue at the moment, I am wrapping up my Cook's Guild and then may move onto some more BMG, but we'll see.


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