March 17, 2014

Battle Report: 3/13/2014, 3/16/2014 Bolt Action

This past weekend my son and I were able to get a couple games of Bolt Action in.  Seeing how I had the day off on Friday, we played a 600 point game at Empire Games on Thursday night, then a 1000 point game Sunday in our garage.

Thursday 3/13/2014
Points: 600
Scenario: Maximum Attrition
Objective: Destroy the enemy.
Armies: Soviet Union (Dean) vs United States (Dragi)

Thursday nights game we rolled 'Maximum Attrition', this scenario seems to be the one I like with my Soviet army (seems I always somehow pull of a victory).

The Soviets were able to jump ahead with their T-34 outflanking the US Sherman and getting off a side shot and knocking out the Sherman.  Then the US started to come back eliminating the Soviet Free Rifle Squad and Sniper Team.  Once the Soviets lost those two units, there was no looking back for them and cleared the battlefield to the last man.

4x4 Table Setup.
Soviet T-34 'outflanked' US Sherman, just far enough up for side shot.
Soviet Sniper view of US approaching.
US Infantry assaulted Soviet Rifle and won (there were more US Infantry
prior to photo).
Soviets preparing assault on the US Officers unit.
Soviets eliminate the remaining two Americans.

Sunday 3/16/2014
Points: 1000
Scenario: Demolition
Objective: Destroy the enemy base.
Armies: Germany (Dean) vs United States (Dragi)

I spent all day the day before (Saturday) building the German army that we have and we thought to go ahead and give them a try (so it is not always Soviet Union vs United States).  This German army will be our 'shared' army and we will take turns playing with them.  Seeing how I am waiting for some Assault Rifles from Warlord Games, we elected to build our lists based on Early War.

We ended up rolling 'Demolition' for the scenario with the objective of destroying the enemy base.  The Germans started with 5 units deployed on the table, same with the US.  This was the first time I was ever playing with an 'Artillery Observer', so I wanted to see if they were worth the 100 points.  The Germans also had a Sniper Team on the table, a full Heer Infantry Squad and two 5 man Heer Veteran Squads.  In reserves was the Stug III Ausf G Tank, full Heer Infantry Squad, 5 man Heer Infantry Squad, Oberleutnant and a Flamethrower Team.

The Americans came out firing bringing one of the Veteran squads down to 3 men right away.  That was all they could do the first turn.  The German Artillery Observer fired placing the 'marker' between the US Rangers and an Infantry Squad.  The rest of the Germans concentrated their fire on the US Rangers, they did not cause too many casualties, but the pin markers were starting to stack up.

At the start of the Turn 2, the 'Artillery' went off causing an additional 2 pin markers on the Rangers, and 1 pin marker on the Infantry Squad and the US Officer.  Then once again the Germans concentrated their fire on the Rangers causing even more pin markers.

By the the time Turn 3 came around, the US Rangers had 9 pin markers on them, 1 more and they would be removed from the game.  Seeing how the 'Artillery' had already went off, the Observer decided to take a shot with his rifle at the Rangers..... hit.... and that was the 10th pin marker for the Rangers, removing them from the game.  Turn 3 also saw the German Tank outflanking onto the board (my left side) and start approaching towards the enemy base.  The Flamethrower Team and 5 man Heer Infantry Squad came in from my right side of the board.  In the middle of the board, the American were still advancing up with 2 Infantry Squads, Officer and Medic.

Turn 4 the Americans outflanked with 2 Squads on my left.  When it was time for the Germans, we also outflanked with a Heer Infantry Squad just behind the Americans and laid down some fire.  It was a great roll of the dice and we had managed to kill 7 Americans.  During this Turn, the Americans also outflanked with their Sherman on my right side of the table.

Turn 5 saw what was left of the Infantry Squad (4 men) assault my German Infantry Squad.  Now it was bad dice rolling for the Germans and the battle was a draw and the fight continued.  After losing 2 men each, the Germans then finished off the Americans and consolidated towards the next US Infantry Squad.  The Germans now received the 'order' and proceeded to assault the US Infantry Squad and won the combat.  The one Heer Infantry Squad then managed to hold my left side of the table.  Germany advanced the Stug III even closer to the enemy base, as did the US with their Sherman.  The Sherman had to go through some rough ground, so time was running out for them.  In the middle of the table the Germans were still protecting their base with the Americans still approaching.

Turn 6 the Germans advanced the Stug III on top of the enemy base and moved in 2 additional units for protection.  The US Sherman advanced closer to the German Base and had one shot left to save the game...... The US Sherman fired on the German Stug III....... and missed.....  Germany then managed to hold off the advancing Americans and at the end of the Turn, the US Base exploded for the German win.

It did not look too good in the beginning for the Germans, but they managed to pull it off.  I am still not sure if it really worth 100 points for the 'Artillery Observer', I'll probably still have to try him a few more times to get a full evaluation.

6x4 Table Setup.
Germans deployed and protecting their Base (German Officer was actually
removed and placed in Reserves since 5 units were already deployed).
View from the US Medium Mortar Team.  The US Mortar did manage
to take out the German Sniper Team.
Pin Markers are stacking up on the US Rangers.

Germans providing fire on the Rangers.
US Rangers at the max 10 Pin Markers.
Germans protecting their Base with American approaching.
German Heer Infantry Squad causing 7 casualties on the Americans, then
win when assaulted.
US Sherman outflanking the Germans.
German Stug III destroys the United States Base.
The US were close, just not enough time left.


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