April 1, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #13 (AdeptiCon 2019 Recap)

Well, last week was a pretty good week for me especially with AdeptiCon 2019 and I was able to get another model completed ('Steeljaw') before we left for the event.

Games played last week was really good too (obviously with a convention), I managed to play 8 games last week, which is not really that much, but I did not want to stress myself over the weekend.

Here is just a quick recap of AdeptiCon 2019 for my son and I, you can go back for a little bit more detail here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

Wednesday: This was mainly just a travel day for us with badge check-in later in the evening.
Thursday: Vendor Hall shopping followed by 2 games of Guild Ball in the Early Bird Open.
Friday: This became an off day for me with a demo game of Aristeia! and a friendly game of Guild Ball vs Alex Botts.  I was originally signed up for X-Wing and I would have played in X-Wing if my son was also signed up, but this was his day to play Batman Miniatures Game.
Saturday: This was 4 games of Guild Ball in the AdeptiCon Championships, followed by a birthday dinner at Tilted Kilt, and then watching the final round of the Guild Ball Championship.
Sunday: Sunday was suppose to be a big game of Chicago Bootleggers, but we decided to hit the road early and come back home at a decent time and spend the evening with the family.

I could have gotten in a few more friendly games over the weekend, but sometime it is just nice to sit down, drink, and chit chat with friends.

Now that I am home....I am honestly not sure how the rest of the year is going to play out...I have too many new games added and too many old games...

Stay tuned the rest of the week for some of the games added.

Models Completed: 1

Games Played: 8


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