April 8, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #14

It has been a busy work day today and I am now just getting around to my Weekly Chronicle.  It is hard to believe that Q1 is already over for 2019 and my Painting Queue for the year is not as good as I had hoped for, but I am alright with that, I am getting models completed that I really need/want done.

Games played this week was about average for me with 3.  We started a game of Aristeia! last Monday night and then played a full game this past Saturday, and yesterday got in a game of Batman Miniature Game (BMG).

Modeling wise was pretty good too.  No actual player models were completed, but I did get more terrain completed for BMG so I am happy with that.  I still have one more building left to complete for BMG and all of that terrain will be completed.

I do have new models arriving any day.  My Cook's Guild for Guild Ball SHOULD be arriving any day, and I have some new models for BMG coming in, more than likely I will work on some of the BMG models while I am waiting for the Cooks.

Not sure what games we'll line up this week to play, work will be hectic the next few days so it may not be till Thursday/Friday before I can get a game in.

Models Completed: 10

Games Played: 3


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