April 17, 2019

BMG: Counter Attack Bases 'Gaming Tokens'

Last year I came across another blog that was talking about Gaming Tokens for Batman Miniature Game from a UK company called Counter Attack Bases, then early last week I stumbled across the site once more after my son and I played a few games of BMG.  I thought the tokens that they offered would be great for the game, and they are different than the ones we ordered from MuseOn Minis.

The tokens from Counter Attack Bases were more crew based, plus they also had tokens for Objectives, Sewers, and Lamp Posts.  When we play at home we will use my son's 3D Objectives, but when heading out to a tournament, it is nice to have them all in one token tray.

So last Tuesday I placed a fairly large order with them, and I was shocked this afternoon when the package arrived on my door step, usually shipping from the UK takes two weeks.

Right away I opened my package and got to sorting the tokens (my son took his tray of Muse tokens with him on vacation, so his will have to wait till he gets back).

I still need to purchase smaller trays to hold the crew tokens along with their dice, I was not expecting this order to arrive so quickly.


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