March 29, 2019

Daily Chronicle: AdeptiCon 2019 Day 2 3/28/2019

Day 2 for AdeptiCon has come and gone.  Today was going to be our shopping day with a little bit of gaming.

The vendor hall opened up at 10:00 AM and we were downstairs right when it opened.  We walked up and down each aisle just handing my wallet to every vendor we see, not really but we did purchase a lot.  Mainly I was able to purchase the items I needed with once exception.  It seems like each year there is always a new game I want to get into, well just before AdeptiCon I was eyeing a new game and I did make the purchase, I am saving that post for when I arrive back home.

Some of the vendors we did purchase from were : Broken Egg Games (Tharn CID and Destiny tokens), Muse On Minis (Miners, Cooks. New Captain tokens), Army Painter (washers), and some terrain for Batman Miniatures Game (dumpsters and bus stop).

Once shopping was completed it was time to get ready for the Guild Ball Early Bird Open.  With then event starting at 3:00 PM, we had a feeling we would only be playing 2 games before we headed out for dinner, sure enough after 2 games it was about 7:00 PM so we headed our to Red Robin.  I did want to say that really enjoyed my second game vs Nathan Pullan and his Fisherman, it was a close lose for my Butcher's 10-12.

After dinner my son and I decided to get in a friendly game of Guild Ball and I decided to play something different with my Captain being 'Filet', another close one and I lost this game 10-12 also but lost the last point on the clock.

It was a pretty long day today wrapping up our gaming around 11:00 PM.

Tomorrow we have the X-Wing System Open Series.


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